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Both triumphs and setbacks in life usually require the assistance of an attorney and Eppa Hunton VI wants to be your attorney through both the good and bad times in your life. Whether you are going through a divorce, have been sued, or starting a business, Eppa has the passion and knowledge to assist you through these transitional phases in your life. 




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Areas of Practice


Whether you are the Plaintiff or the Defendant, Eppa will help you navigate the legal system to achieve your desired results. Learn more.



There may be no more difficult time in an individual's life than the dissolution of a marriage or a battle over a child. if you are facing either of these challenges, Eppa has the knowledge and compassion to fight on your behalf and protect your loved ones. Learn more.


Even the best people sometimes make mistakes, and even the worse people sometimes are unjustly accusted. Whether you are facing traffic or criminal charges, Eppa can assist you through this difficult time. Learn more.

SMall Business

There may be no more exciting time in your life than the start of a new business, but the long term success of your endeavor requires a strong foundation. Eppa will point your path towards success. Learn more.

Estate Planning

The unknown requires preparation, and Eppa is fully prepared to ensure your loved ones will be taking care of when the inevitable happens. Learn more.

Something else...

Life comes at you pretty fast sometimes and you will always know that Eppa will be by your side through it all. Eppa prides himself on taking on usual cases requiring creative problem solving so if you are faced with any issue ranging from dangerous animals to zoning, give Eppa a call. Learn more.



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